7042 - 2007 CCX
Grey / Black
Right Hand Drive
VIN  YT9XC21A27A007042
General History
The build of this CCX started in the first half of 2007 and on completion it was delivered to Broughtons, the official Koenigsegg representative for the United Kingdom (UK) at the time, in the third quarter of 2007. In November of 2007 it was displayed by Broughtons at the MPH 2007 Earls Court event. In 2008 this CCX was shown to the public at the Autosport International event, which was held in the NEC building in Birmingham, January 2008. In July of that same year, the car made an appearance at the British International Motor Show at the ExCel exhibition and convention centre in London.

Chassis 042 was spotted at the Silverstone round of the Le Mans Series in September 2008 with a UK license plate, which suggests the car found an owner. It seems the owner did not enjoy this car for a very long time as in January 2009, this CCX was offered for sale at Tom Hartley with only 1,600 miles on the odometer. This car was most likely sold in October 2009 as it was seen in Aberdeen where it joined the "Clannonball Run" charity event in order to raise money for cancer charity CLAN. After this event this CCX was continued being spotted on two occasions in Aberdeen in 2010, lastly in May.

It is uncertain what happened to this car but it was not seen until October 2012, when it was auctioned at the RM auction in London. The auction brochure reads that this car has had two owners and only travelled 1,700 miles, so the second owner apparently hardly used the car which makes it likely that 042 was stored for most of the time. The car was sold at the auction and showed up at SuperVettura several times during 2013 and 2014, and was spotted there in November 2014 for the last time.
The exterior color on this CCX is called Dolphin Grey. The accents on this car, like front splitter, side sills and the Top Gear rear wing are finished in clear coated carbon, which is a nice contrast to the grey color of the bodywork. The back license plate holder area as well as the model call out badges are done in black, the "CCX" script on these badges are polished aluminum. This car stayed the same throughout its life, except for the standard 5-hole telephone dial wheels, which were replaced by forged Edition style polished aluminum 9-spoke wheels.

This CCX shows remarkable exterior resemblance with CCXR 7060. The color of the CCXR is also grey and might not be exactly the same but on photographs it's hard to tell the difference. Just like 042, chassis 060 also has the clear coated carbon accents and the black license plate holder section at the back and model call out panels at the sides. Basically the only detail that separates these two cars from the outside is the CCXR badges on 060, where 042 logically has the CCX badges, and the badge just behind the front wheel arches which are light grey colored on 060 but black on 042.
The interior of this CCX is a mix of black leather and dark grey alcantara. Black leather is used for the middle console, the upper part of the doors and most of the seats and alcantara can be seen on the lower part of the doors, the back panel and some accents on the seats. Silver contrast diamond stitching was used on the back panel and the alcantara part of the seats. Bare carbon accents are present on top of the dashboard. A radio with large display and iPod connector were fitted. Like the exterior, the interior of chassis 042 was not altered during its life.

The almost identical exterior features that 042 shares with 060, which makes it hard to separate these two cars, are far less on the interior. CCXR 060 also has a black interior and is also right hand drive but there are also some differences to distinguish it from 042, for instance 060 having the newer chrono style instrument cluster and the updated, sleeker, gearstick. Another interior feature that sets these two cars apart is the silver contrast stitching used on the seats, the back wall and the ceiling of chassis 042, whereas on chassis 060, black stitching was used throughout the interior.  
This CCX has the standard 806 Hp, 4,700 cc twin-supercharged DOHC V8 engine and six-speed manual transmission.
This CCX was offered at auction at RM’s London event in October 31, 2012. The estimate was set at £235,000 - £285,000 and the car was sold for £246,400 (including commission), which is quite a steal!
Data collected by J_C and Stephan
Data page written by Stephan

Created: 30 March 2015