7040 - 2007 CCX
White / White
Left Hand Drive
VIN  YT9XC81A57A007040
General History
This CCX was built to order in the summer of 2007 for Midream, the official Koenigsegg dealer for Japan. It was delivered in September of that same year, thereby becoming the first Koenigsegg CCX in Japan. 040 was not ordered for a specific client but instead was, according to a spokesman of Midream, imported with the intent of opening the gates to a new era of supercars in Japan.

In January 2008 this CCX was seen on display at the Bingo Sports showroom in Tokyo, Japan. Bingo Sports had it displayed at the end of October at the Historic Automobile Festival Japan 2008 at Twin Ring Motegi. In the last quarter of 2008, this CCX was offered on eBay, probably to attract potential buyers outside Japan as well. That 040 is a left hand drive car, could have been an advantage as that suits the European and US market well. But in spite of this, 040 did not sell. It was mentioned in the listing that Japan was not ready yet for a car of this magnitude.

In the first half of 2009, this CCX was entered in several "Time Machine Festival 2009" events, while still being offered for sale at Bingo Sports, who also had the car on display between the events. In May 2010, 040 was displayed at the Ookami museum, initially for a month but it stayed at the museum till the end of August, 2010. After this, 040 returned to the Bingo Sports showroom in Tokyo where it continued to be displayed throughout 2011 and 2012.

Finally, after being in dealership hands for over five years, 040 was spotted on public roads with a Japanese license plate, suggesting it had been sold. The owner uses this CCX regularly as from May 2013 onwards, this CCX has visited several events and on at least two occasions it met Koenigsegg CCX 037, which had entered Japan in 2010. 040 is still frequently spotted right till the present day (February 2015).
White was the color of choice for this CCX, accentuated with some clear coated carbon details like the front splitter, the sills and the Top Gear style rear wing. The 5-hole telephone dial rims, which were standard for the CCX at the time, measure 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. 040 was fitted with the aluminum brushed CCX script on the model call-out panels on the sides and red ceramic script on the brake calipers. Apart from a new mounted radio, this CCX stayed the same during its life.

The white exterior was not a first on a CCX as the previous one, 039, also was white. Next to 039 and 040, white was also chosen as an exterior color for 047, 059, 063 and 070, making six white CCXs in total. From the outside 040 is particularly close to 039 and 047 as these were also riding on the telephone dial wheels when they left the factory. 040 can be distinguished from 039 easily though as that CCX does not have a rear wing and also from 047 as that one has the rear license plate section in black rather than the grey as seen on most other CCXs, including 040. 
This CCX might have a very common exterior color but this is definitely not the case with the interior color, which is unique. Light blue was used on the dashboard and upper middle console section as well as the top of the doors. Light blue can also be found on some accents on the seats but the main color of the seats is creme however, just like the back wall. Clear coated carbon sections can be seen on the dashboard and black leather is used on the lower middle console. The interior, just like the exterior, remained the same over the years.
This CCX got the standard aluminum 4.7 liter V8 CCX engine. It delivers 806 Hp at 7,000 rpm and has a maximum torque of 920 Nm (693 ft/lb) at 5,500 rpm. It was mated to the standard 6-Speed manual gearbox, which was developed in collaboration with Costruzione Italiana Macchine Attrezzi (Cima) in Italy. 
It might appear strange at first to import a left hand drive car in Japan because Japan is a right hand drive country. However, in Japan there is a certain status associated with left hand drive cars, probably because it accentuates their foreignness, making them seem more exotic. As if a right hand drive Koenigsegg would not be exotic enough!
Data collected by J_C and Stephan
Data page written by Stephan
First posted: 07-02-2015